Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck .22 WMR Double Barrel DA Revolver 1.25" Barrel 8 Rounds Aluminum Frame Red Finish


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Purpose built as the next evolution of personal protection for everyone.


  • Category: PISTOLS
  • Type: Double Barrel DA Revolver 1.25" Barrel
  • Brand: Pistol
  • Model: S333 Thunderstruck .22 WMR Double Barrel DA Revolver
  • Caliber: .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, .22 Mag


  • Rounds Per Box:8 Rounds
  • Bullet Weight:18 oz
  • Bullet Type:



    Bring the Thunder with a Double Barrel .22 Mag Revolver From Standard Manufacturing

    When a life-threatening confrontation strikes 'The Rule of Three' is applied. Most threats occur at three yards or less, requiring three shots or less, in three seconds or less to stop the threat. This is what Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck was made for. Purpose-built as the next evolution of personal protection for everyone, the S333 is a compact concealable, and easy to retrieve firearm. This revolutionary new design is a double-barrel revolver that provides volley fire of two high-energy .22 Magnum projectiles with every pull of the trigger. It gives you the ability to put 8 rounds on target faster than many semi-automatic pistols. No buttons to press or switches to flip, safety is built into the Thunderstruck. The ultra-safe double action only trigger is engineered to require two fingers which prevent an inadvertent discharge while still being easy to deploy in an emergency. For additional security, it's equipped with an articulated trigger safety and a transfer bar safety. Together these features combine to give you one of the safest personal defense handguns on the market. Constructed around a precision-engineered 7075 aluminum frame, it has a steel cylinder and barrels with the titanium firing pin and cylinder inserts. The ergonomic polymer grip and red 3 dot sights prove great command and control to put rounds precisely on target. With unmatched reliability, the S333 .22 Magnum gives you high-velocity low recoil deep penetrating instant firepower. Whether you're new to armed personal defense or an experienced legally armed citizen, Standard Manufacturing has created a safer gun for everyone. Pick up your S333 Thunderstruck today and be prepared for anything.

    Standard Manufacturing Thunderstruck Specifications and Features:

    • Standard Mfg. GS333RED
    • Double Action Only Double Barrel Revolver
    • Fires Two Rounds with Each Trigger Pull
    • .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, .22 Mag
    • 8 Rounds
    • 1.25" Barrels
    • High Visibility Red 3-Dot Sights
    • Articulated Trigger Safety
    • Transfer Bar Safety
    • Steel Cylinder
    • Aluminum Frame
    • Rubber Grip
    • Red Finish
    • Overall Length: 5"
    • Weight: 18 oz


  • CategoryPISTOLS
  • Brand Pistol
  • Type Double Barrel DA Revolver 1.25" Barrel
  • ModelS333 Thunderstruck .22 WMR Double Barrel DA Revolver
  • Caliber.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, .22 Mag

product details

  • Capacity 8 Rounds
  • Weight 18 oz
  • Material
  • Sight