Remington 870 Express Tactical 12 Gauge 18.5" 6+1 81205


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  • Category: SHOTGUNS
  • Type: Rifle
  • Brand: Remington
  • Model: 870
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge


  • Rounds Per Box:6+1
  • Bullet Weight: 7.5
  • Bullet Type:



    The Remington 870 is a household name when it comes to home protection and defending your family. This is a compact 870 Express Tactical Defense shotgun that features a pistol grip stock and boasts a fast easy swing on target in close quarters.

    It has the proven engineering of extremely reliable non-binding twin action bars for smooth, nearly effortless operation. Featuring a precision machined ordinance steel receiver and a breech block that locks into the barrel extension for unparalleled strength it's one of the strongest personal protection shotguns money can buy.

    This 870 has been optimized for defense with an 18.5" barrel that has a fixed cylinder choke and a bead sight to put you intuitively on targets in an emergency situation. The 3" chamber can also cycle 2-3/4" shells giving you a wide range of defensive ammunition options.

    As an added bonus, this would make an excellent hog gun in heavy brush or a great solution for varmint and pest control. The 870 has been the shotgun of choice for police and militaries worldwide for over 50 years. Make sure you have the 870 Express Tactical Defense on hand to protect your home and family.


  • CategorySHOTGUNS
  • Brand Remington
  • Type Rifle
  • Model870
  • Caliber 12 Gauge

product details

  • Capacity 6+1
  • Weight 7.5
  • Material
  • Sight Bead Front